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We are on your side, we always listen and are caring and confidential

Relationship specialists

PIN 1007

Call me about relationships and family issues, work problems, stress and anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, general wellbeing, food, diet and weight issues, domestic abuse, budgeting and money worries.


PIN 1022

Call me about: Lack of confidence and low self-esteem issues, mindfulness, mental health issues including panic attacks, depression and body image issues, relationships and family problems

Alex Denman

PIN 1019

Call me about: work disputes, financial problems, family breakdown, careers guidance and study options, finding work, relationships and family problems including adoption issues

Susan Roy

PIN 1026

Call me about: Debt consolidation and advice, bullying in the workplace, being passed over for promotion and emotional problems.

Michelle Flannigan

PIN 1018

Call me about: relationship and family problems, eating disorders, depressing, drugs, alcohol and other addictions, disabilities, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

Kathleen Daly

PIN 1001

Call me about: Relationship and family issues including problems with children, bereavement, mental health issues and money management

Jane Jackson

PIN 1004

Call me about: mental health difficulties, lack of confidence, motivation, self- esteem and negative self Image. Self care strategies, stress, pain management and long term health issues. Pastoral care, health, welfare, benefits and housing advice.


PIN 1008

Call me about: relationships and family problems, specialist in young people’s concerns, parental worries, mental health, domestic violence, housing issues and helping victims of crime.

Cara Bowler

PIN 1011

​Call me about: Mental health, trauma, work and home-based problems, debt problems, grief, relationships and family difficulties

Rachel Burns

PIN 1016

Call me about: relationship and family problems and conflicts, alcohol and other addictions, housing issues, supporting ex-offenders and with expertise in issues that affect the Sikh and Punjabi community 

Gurbax Kaur Pall

PIN 1031

Call me about: Relationships in crisis, infidelity, separation, problems with friendships, lack of confidence, struggles with faith, anxiety and bereavement

Maureen Crank

PIN 1021

Call me about: emotional issues, distress, relationships, multi-faith issues, mental health, disabilities, benefits advice, dementia and bereavement.

Rev Martin Draycott

PIN 1023

Call me about: relationships, family crisis situations including domestic violence, addiction, panic attacks, bereavement, financial and debt problems.

Sarah Granula

PIN 1024

Call me about: stress and anxiety issues, phobias, low self-esteem, panic attacks, PTSD and work problems

Nigel Keegan

PIN 1000

Call me about: Losing a loved one/Bereavement..Relationship Problems & workplace disagreements with colleagues and difficult relationships with managers and money worries – take control of your finances and become debt free. 


PIN 1003

Call me about: Problems at work and HR issues, stress and coping with pressure, dealing with conflicts and relationships

Louise Penketh

PIN 1005

Call me about: parenting guidance, problems within families, including those in crisis, young people’s problems, the care system and bereavement

Shah Raman

PIN 1010

Call me about: workplace problems such as bullying, rejection, being passed over for promotion and job loss, debt management planning, addictions, benefit and housing issues, relationships and family problems

David Wilson

PIN 1013

Call me about: Emotional problems, mental health, addictions, eating disorders, workplace issues such as bullying, problems facing carers, debt and money worries and bereavement.

Margaret Keith

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