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Make This Weekend The Best One Ever!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Best weekend ever!

It’s a precious moment when the clock hits 5pm on Friday and you have a lovely 2 full days and 3 nights stretching ahead of you to completely switch off from the daily grind and do things for the simple pleasure of it. Many of our readers have asked us for advice on getting the most from the weekend whilst also having a good restful break so we have compiled the following tips to help you make this weekend the best you have had in ages!

End the week on a good note.

After a week of meeting deadlines, impressing your boss and keeping on top of everything, reward yourself on Friday evening with a treat so you can properly relax and glide into the weekend feeling good about yourself. A bit of self love does wonders for your wellbeing and confidence. Happy hour with friends, a lovely meal out with your partner, a walk in the evening light, whatever it is, make sure its something you look forward to and remember to forget about work and breathe away all that tension!

Clarify your schedule for the week ahead

This may seem counter intuitive but in order to avoid any Sunday night blues, take a few moments on Friday when you are finishing work to glance at your calendar and clarify your goals for the following week. Knowing you have tied up any loose ends and can start the week on the front foot will ensure a stress free Sunday evening which will prolong that lovely weekend feeling all the way through till Monday morning. We want you to get to enjoy every minute of free time you have this weekend and that includes being able to switch off from work on Sunday evening too.

Try and get a complete change of scene on one of your days.

Stepping out of your usual weekend routine and being in a new environment can be very exciting and revitalising after a week stuck behind a desk. This could be a day trip to the countryside and a pub lunch if you love nature or a visit to an area on the opposite side of town if shops and cafes are your thing; or if you have young children maybe a trip to the seaside. Whatever it is, if it’s a something completely new it will make your day seem much longer than usual and when you come home it will feel like you have had a lovely mini adventure away.

Have a break from being productive.

With life, family and work to juggle it can make you overly focused on being productive and efficient even when you are supposed to be relaxing. Try to make some time this weekend to be completely free of getting things done and concentrate on simply enjoying your time off. There are so many schedules in the week with work and school and domestic chores but this weekend allow yourself to take the pressure off and relax all those rules. The will give your mind a much needed break so you are revitalised and ready to get productive again when the week starts. Its easy to forget that life is supposed to be fun too!

Go for it and try something new

Make a bucket list of ten things you would love to try but never get round to doing and try and incorporate one of these new things this weekend. These shouldn’t be chores but activities that bring you pure joy and pleasure. Maybe its a new sport or a lovely massage or catching up with a friend you don’t see often enough. We’d love to hear what you come up with!

Include some down time.

As much as fitting in an few adventures into our weekend can make it feel much longer, try not to squeeze in too much. Its important to have some time where you can just breathe and reflect and do nothing. Sometimes just feeling time stop still when there is nothing you need to do and nowhere you need to go can slow everything down and put you into a much more relaxed state. In this age of smart phones and social media there isn’t always enough time for simple day dreaming and taking in the simple things that surround you like a singing bird or the spring flowers coming out.

Have a break from emails and social media.

If you can, try to curb the habit of constant email checking or social media browsing. Time can fly by when you just aimlessly check news online or surf channels on the tv and before you know it the weekend is over. This is a very easy trap to fall into if you have decided to have a restful weekend at home doing nothing. If you need a weekend free of doing anything, try to nevertheless avoid the habits of your weekly routine and include something refreshing like sitting in the garden or going for a walk in nature. If its tempting to go online because you are waiting for someone or some transport, pick up a novel and lose yourself in the pages for a few minutes. This is much more relaxing for the brain and you will feel better for it.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

Even if you see the people you live with in the week, these interactions over breakfast or before bed can be rushed and distracted with so many other things to get done. Make time at the weekend to have un-rushed quality time with friends or family; time where you have space to really listen to one another and share each others joys or struggles. Because in the end, whats it all for if its not to spend memorable and meaningful time enjoying and supporting the people most precious to us.


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