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How to Start Building up Your Savings

Empty pockets
No money?

Its not always easy to build up savings when you are constantly dealing with monthly debt payments, bills, and general expenses, but its a good ides to make savings as much as a priority as any other bill so that you are prepared fro any unforeseen emergencies. It will also put your mind at ease knowing there is a little cushion for those rainy days.

Start prioritising savings as part of your budget – consider it a monthly cost like your utility bills that must be paid. Come up with a number that you can reasonably part with every month, and remember, giving up some coffee on-the-go now can be a big help later in life.

Find the right place to keep your funds - A high-yield savings account will offer you a higher interest rate than most savings accounts from major banks, meaning that you actually earn money while keeping yours safe. The more money you add, the faster it grows.

Automate your savings with an app like Trim - this will help you to negotiate your bills and identify easy costs to cut out of your life. Those savings should be added to your budget’s saving category, so you keep making your money grow.

Make sure the entire family is aware of and adhering to your shared budget, and always prioritise saving for your family’s future.


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