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How to Create A Perfect Romantic Getaway

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Everybody loves a surprise! However long you have been in your relationship, you can always sweep your partner off their feet, just like you did at the start. There is nothing quite like spontaneity and an unexpected trip to keep the flame between you burning strong. Here are some guidelines on making that weekend away an extra special one:

1. Use some imagination.

Avoid the same old, same old. Go somewhere new. Skip the hotel and try a bed and breakfast. Detailed thoughtfulness and caring in planning a getaway with your partner can lead to romance when you arrive.

2. Present the idea via a handwritten invitation.

Instead of “Wanna go to the seaside…?” Over breakfast, try a fountain pen on classy stationery. “Mr. John Smith requests the accompaniment of his lovely wife, Jane, for a weekend of romance at the B&B on Honeymoon Beach….”

3. Make all the arrangements yourself.

Make the getaway a true gift and do the legwork yourself. It may be a cliché to say that the journey is as important as the destination. But there’s no doubt romantic getaways work best when romance is included every step of the way.

4. Plan to be uninterrupted.

Make necessary arrangements for emergency contacts, but the cell phone is off, period. Email too. Romantic getaways need to be just that–a getaway.

5. Keep notes on dreams, wishes etc.

Keep an idea log. Do you know what kinds of destinations your spouse enjoys, or what restaurants, or fun activities? Don’t wait for a moment of panic when you know you have to book something in 24 hours. The added value of paying attention is a growing sensitivity that puts your mate first as a matter of course.

6. Don’t break the bank–the stress will ruin the weekend.

Nothing kills romance like stress. Save up, look for deals, go camping, swap houses for the weekend—do whatever it takes, but keep inside your budget.

7. Arrange ahead.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to arrange flowers, chocolates, or some other gift to be there when you arrive. The thoughtfulness will go a long way.


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