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Coping with Stress at Work

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Work stress

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work can be very upsetting and can affect our health, energy and wellbeing. Here are a few useful tips you can put in place relatively quickly that will help to minimise stress and anxiety as well giving you a sense of control again..

Start Your Day Off Right - If you start off the day with good nutrition, proper planning, and a positive attitude you may find the stress of the workplace rolling off your back more easily.

Be Clear on Requirements - Have a talk with your supervisor and go over expectations, and strategies for meeting them. This can relieve stress for both of you!

Stay Away From Conflict - Try to avoid conflict at work by steering clear of gossiping, sharing too many of your personal opinions about religion and politics, and engaging in colourful office humour.

Be Comfortable - Another surprising stressor at work is physical discomfort. A comfortable chair can make a world of difference. Do what you can to ensure that you’re working from a quiet, comfortable and soothing workspace.

Walk at Lunch

One way you can manage stress at work is to get a walk in during your lunch break and perhaps take short exercise breaks throughout the day. This can help you blow off steam, lift your mood, and get into better shape.

Listen to Music on the Drive Home - Combating the stress of a long day at work with your favourite music on the drive home can make you less stressed when you get home, and more prepared to interact with the people in your life.


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