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Maureen Crank

Relationships Crisis | Infidelity | Separation | Friendships | Confidence | Faith | Anxiety

I have been told I have a gift for picking up on feelings within seconds of talking to someone. I qualified in counselling to an advanced level at John Moores University and I have seen how it make a huge difference to someone’s life -many of my clients say it has enabled them to find happiness again.


There is always a way forward, but when you feel at your very lowest, it can be difficult to see it. Emotions can become trapped and we need to learn how to release the negativity that can drag us down. 


Before becoming a counsellor, I spent some years working in a highly pressurised sales environment, seeing many colleagues affected by stress and knowing that this kind of pressurised environment both creates and worsens problems. Part of my work now involves helping devise long-term strategies to enable relaxation and anxiety

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