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Mental health | Confidence | Motivation | Self care strategies | Stress | Health issues | Pastoral care | benefits 

A warm friendly, empathetic, kind, caring individual with over 20 years in the caring sector and training as a counsellor in person centred therapy.

Georgie has spent the last 5 years working on the helplines of No Panic and Endometriosis UK.

Making a difference and supporting those with both Endometriosis and mental health difficulties and their family and loved ones in a safe non-judgemental, confidential and supportive environment. The advice, support and knowledge Georgie provides is supported by her experience of having Endometriosis.

Before retraining in counselling Georgie was a Surgeon and podiatrist for the NHS, as well as a fully qualified Beauty and Holistic Therapist working within the public and private sector.

Georgie understands that our life experiences, positive or negative, are building blocks for who we are today and can be effective tools in creating who we aspire to be tomorrow.

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